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  Wesanthals E-Group
A Network for Santals
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Ol Chiki Fonts details :
Ol Chiki Fonts
Type : Regular Fonts
Version : 1.00 ( Beta)
Classic, Regular , Royal, Original  type
Price : Free of Cost for
commercial & personal purpose

Technical specifications:
True type Fonts( .ttf)
With Kerning
But without Hintings


Key Board mapping
[ On Screen Display  ]     [   For printing   ]


F & Q for using Ol Chiki Fonts

1. When typing fonts getting changed. How to solve ?

If your these letters 
d, h, m, n, o, t are getting changed when typing  to  D, H, M, N, O, T   then please do little change in the Microsoft word setting .This problem is due to auto correction setting in word.
(Note: You can not see ol Chiki script unless you installed the fonts in your computer)
Step 1. Go to Menu Bar
Step 2. Go to Tools and  click it
Step 3. Then you can see the Auto correction, click there
Step 4. Put off all auto correction

  Now, you can start working again, and  you will not get this problem as long as auto-correction is off. When you want to work with English words, you can turn on auto-correction again.

2. I am unable to get typed some special characters. How to solve ?

If you have problem in typing the special characters like pharka, rela , mu-gahla, ghalain Microsoft word,  please follow the method.

Step 1.  Go to Menu bar
Step 2.  Go to Insert and click it
Step 3.  Then you can see symbol, click there
Step 4.  All characters will be displayed in the box, you can select character as per you requirement

In fact when you have some trouble of setting the quotation mark and other special characters, you can use this method.


 Your feed back & suggestion

As a user of this font, we would like to hear from you and request you to provide us your feedback and valuable suggestions for  further improvements and comments about the ease of use and difficulties , if any.  You can reach us by E-mail at You need to register your mail Id first by sending e-mail to After confirmation, you can send  mail to us and also you will receive all updated information  about the new development of fonts in the group. If you find any difficulties about the  use of this font, please let us know. We cannot guarantee that a solution will always be given, but we will try our best to provide you a better solution.  So do not hesitate to  contact us via e-mail or alternatively visit our  site at   and send your comments or send  directly comments  in this Email address .


|E-Group : Wesanthals|

 | History of Font development  |   Mission Statement   |  Who Can Join?   |  Benefits of Joining   |   E-Group URL  |

History of Font development:
T his is a part of efforts from “E-Group : Wesanthals” . This group was formed on 11.11.2000 to provide a common platform for all Santhals residing all over India and abroad for discussions on various issues and problems facing the Santhal Society. This e-mail group is for all Santhals who want to discuss various issues and share thoughts and information about Santhal Society through  Internet. In one of the discussions, it was found that we cannot use the  commercially  available Ol-Chiki fonts already in the market due to their high cost.  So we thought to bring out very good quality Ol Chiki fonts and provide  our people these fonts free of cost for  commercial  and personal purpose. Major initiative came from Prof. R . C. Hansdah to develop the Ol Chiki Fonts, and as a result of his efforts and supports provided by  other members, we ultimately came out with this  font. We are determined to bring out many more styles of fonts and our members  are still working towards it. Soon we will able to provide  our people many choices of fonts for use.

Mission Statement:
" To create a network of contacts among the Santhals people residing in India and abroad so that we can know each other, work together and make our society stronger for future generation"

Who Can Join?
We invite anybody  who belongs to santhal community or interested in the issues and topics of  Santhals, willing to contribute for  cause of of santhal community. We focus our efforts on to bring them together and share their own thoughts and activities. Members must have desire to participate and make a difference in the society.

Benefits of Joining !

There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organization. Our members cen become close friends and we can have a great time when we get together in different occasion.We can know each other! We can work together for our society. Of course we also have a common interest, and we hope to find common solution here.

How Can I  Join ?
You can send mail to join this virtual group. . You will reply message from group that your name has been included in the group. You will get regular mail posted by our memeber after joining and also you can participate and send your views on various issues related to Santhal Community.

E-Group URL: !
For more information about egroups:


E-Group Website:


 |History  of  Ol Chiki Script

Pandit Raghunath Murmu
is the inventor of the "Ol Chiki Script". On the day of Baishakh Kunami (Purnima) a boy was born in a small village called Dandbose of erstwhile Mayurbhanj princely State (now it is in the Bamanghati sub-division of Mayurbhanj District in Orissa State of India). The boy born on 5th May 1905 was Pandit Raghunath Murmu. Upon completion of his High School education from Baripada High School, he joined as an apprentice in Baripada power house. After completing apprenticeship, he engaged himself in carpet weaving. His novel method of wisting threads and quality of carpets drew visitors. Dr. P. K. Sen, the Dewan of Mayurbhanj State once visited him and persuaded him to pursue further industrial training. He was then sent to Kolkata, Serampore and Goshaba for acquiring technical know how. On return from Kolkata after getting technical training, he was made the advisor of Purna Chandra Industrial Institute at Baripada (Head quarters of Mayurbhanj). Due to increasing family burden after the death of his father Shri Nandlal, he had to proceed to his native place and took charge as the Head Master of "Badam Talia" model School. During this period he wanted to do something for the development of the society and started planning to create the letters for the use of Santali language. After prolonged perseverance and hard work "Ol Chiki" could saw the light of the day during 1935-36. He developed a hand press in order to disseminate and popularize Ol Chiki. Superintendent of Education was impressed by the new invention and on his insistence hand press was displayed in the State Exhibition in February, 1939. His Majesty Purna Chandra Bhanj Deo, the Maharaja of Mayurbhanj was immensely impressed by this invention and permitted him to propagate the use of this script. In 1946 he relinquished the job and dedicated himself for the overall development of the Santal community. He inspired the hitherto million illiterates through his writings. He has to his credit around 157 numbers of manuscripts in the form of novels, drama, poetry, story, grammar and syllabus in Ol Chiki. Some of them have already been published. Widely acclaimed Drama books are "Bidu Chandan" and "Kherwal Bir". Kherwal Jarpa Samiti, Jamshedpur provided him all kinds of support to get Ol Script in the shape of modern types suitable for use in Printing Press. He got the types cast from Kolkata Swadeshi Type Foundry. Pandit Murmu left for his heavenly abode on 1st day of February, 1982 thus ended a glorious innings of a great thinker, poet, philosopher, writer and social worker. He is remembered as "Guru Gomke" - Revered Teacher among the Adivasis.

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