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All worlds conflict, pain and sorrow
Our hearts will forget tomorrow
When waves of shadow cover sky
After waiting for  all days  to pass by
That language our  inner hearts ask
Gentleness of wish ,madness of love, in dusk
Looking for in worlds every quarter
In dream that comes true in utter
The desire that heart ever  to seem
Searching all that in shadow and dream
Forgetting all sorrow , all pain for some time
Waiting to come charming clime
Dream - dream comes from their hearts end
Those who hold eachothers hand
Staying silently gentle waves near by
In evening s obscure sky
Whose expectations birth , dead and all
Are day and nights call
To world those  who never cares
In their mind dream always appears
Once on worlds wall with zigzag letter
All my failure that was matter
With sprinkle of words , I did write
All that wiped out in brightness of  light
And moving around dark dreamlands
With my both open hands
Keeping hope, It may give satisfaction
In the world of rude perfection
I committed terrible mistake
What I couldnt undo it back
..But you dont try to write
In the time of windy night
All your hearts thought
While traversing across world , you got
Because all success and failure will wipe out
With passage of time , without making shout
All bright days will  come to end
Noises of crowd will cease to send
Pains of our heart will leave dusty way
And whisper the thought of dream at bay
One day stars will also cease to shine
Defeating at the hand of time
Yet thought in world of dream
Will flow as flows of stream
Silently , very silently in veil of light
Without our knowledge , without our sight.