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In the search of  you
The terrible suffering I never knew
Sometimes on the road of hundred feet
Sometimes near the vendors of sweet
Sometimes in the dead of night
Sometimes on day of pleasant bright
I saw the waves of sad
And I found me in state of mad
Just for the sake of you
And the love I had due
I knew,  you are unique and one
You were difficult to be won
You were very  coy and cold
Yet I never ceased to behold
I searched you from the beginning to end
With hope the message I could send
In heart which was there
I wished to make it bare
Just for your sake
In the time of day break
I walked along the road of despair
I suffered, yet I didn't care
The heart I didn't loose
Different route I didn't choose
Just for sake of you
A thought of love , I did pursue
I knew,  you would come one day
Whispered  the thought of love at bay
I have got all these today
And listened your words of love and  say.