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A thought is clicking in my brain
In the time of traveling by train
Am I missing someone ?
Mother ? Sister ? or dear one ?
I dont know
I cant even show
Its happening --why
Putting me in condition of shy
Is some one knocking my heart
With forceful yet illusive art ?
I can feel it
But I cant see it
Perhaps I am going away
Thats why this sway..
Yet I am trying to understand
Examining even tiny sand
About the matter hidden
Came to me out of sudden
What  snatched my peaceful sleep
Made my smooth sailing life difficult to keep
Is it because of love , affection ?
Or is it  natures rude deception ?
I am frank to say
Not in hush , not at bay
A feelings in my mind
That is loves kind
Continuously disturbing my soul
Digging in heart a  visible hole
Generated a galaxy of hopes
Amidst the clumsy net of silken ropes
Keeping me for sometimes out of trouble
For the  search of hopes buble
Transgessing along the depair
With my outmost care
Failed to fill the vacuum of my heart
Lifes vital and integral part
But...soon I will fill up this vacuum
If not in Spring , definitely by coming Autumn