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Procedure to install Fonts in the PC:

When you Left-click on the font “Download file here” and  a "save file" screen will pop up. Then select the folder into which you want to save the zipped file. You save it one folder.
With WinZip, unzip the font. Please note down the folder where you saved the unzipped file.
 Now you go to the Windows 95/98/NT Desktop
Step 1.  Double-click the "My Computer" My computer
Step 2. The "My Computer" window will open.control pannel

Step 3. Double-click the "Control Panel"
Step 4. The "Control Panel" window will open.panel view

Step 5. Double-click the "Fonts" fonts
Step 6. The "Fonts" window will open showing you the installed fonts. font sinal

Step 7. Click on "File" and when the pop-down window appears select "Install New Fonts". add

Step 8. The "Add Fonts" window will appear.

Then this default window will come. Now navigate the folder where you have saved the unzipped file. After the font is loaded, they will be shown in the white text box labelled "List of Fonts". You can click on the  font, press the OK button. The font(s) will then be installed. Then close the all windows and start Microsoft word and start working. Before you can install new version of the same font, you must delete the old font using the delete window.

The procedure above will work only if you have not copied the .ttf file to \windows\fonts directory. Another way of installing fonts is that just copy the .ttf file to \windows\fonts.  But in this case, if you copy another version of the .ttf file second time to \windows\fonts, it will not get  installed. In this case, if you delete the old installation using fonts  window from the control panel, the new one version gets automatically  installed.

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