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German Class
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German Class

 Depicting the students of G2 course
 For fantasy , it is a wonderful source
 Have in class, students fourteen
 Wonder, a class or chaotic scene
 To learn german, we came here
 Goethe Institut, to take us care
 Originating people  from country of ten
 Learnt about other, what we can
 Half is girls and rest  is boys
 For creating fuss , all is peerless
 I am little fat, rest is quite slim,
 Hard to understand , what other mean
 Engineer mechanical, me and Nizami
 Subject sociology, student Hiromi
 One is from  land,  name azarbaizan
 Another is from  'Land of rising sun'
 A girl from japan, Tomoko is her name
 In the class, she is definite a jem
 Have sweet smile , in sad or glee
 In Deutsch Literature , student is she
 In applied Physics, student is Nizar
 In the class , he is slow speaker
 Sits together always, Arshad and Nadeem
 Tell without thought, whatever they deem
 One is in maths, another is in chemistry,
 But both take interest  in other's history
 Anna and Radiana sits together
 Writes dialoge chapter after chapter
 Student in arts, came from Poland
 Another is bilogist from Russland
 Jagabandhu Panda, an intersting name
 Creating confusion he has good fame
 He thinks more and makes more guess
 Intereact more with girls, boys less
 A Korean  man, his name is Ryu Kim
 A little is known to us about him
 Cao is lady from land  China
 Sits near Estella, a girl from Argentina
 Excepts her, all is bachelor
 A lecturer , a printing Engineer
 Cute little girl, Mariati is her name
 From indoasia , here she came
 What I can say about me
 Always find humour in Sad and glee
 Invite comments from poeple rest
 About me, in the mood of fest
 Susanne Lachenicht, our german lecturer
 We will not forget in near future
 Besides being teacher, is good friend
 Praising her, I find no end
 Her concern to us, is without measure
 I find more Indian , less deutsch nature
 Today what more to her I can say
 'Thanks' whisper her at bay
 here is a say to all my class mates
 Be in touch with thru' mails or chats
 Whatever Dream you have , do persue
 Say 'Good Luck ' to all of you.