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When I saw her first time
Found  her in  adolescences clime
I  was in search of new  facet
Coming out from  the old planet
Some how I  found the world of mine
Keeping everybody aloof and  fine
That  was a time of twilight
Discovered her in daring bright
Her unruliness was like springing waters in fountain
Her innocence was like dulcet silence of mountain
Her movements was like splashing of sea
As if her beauty was holding the secret key
Every step of her was tickling new sound
Looking at me ,wounded , I found
She was shining  like brightest star
I did not find anyone else as  on par
Sweet smiling face had swung my heart
Painted my life with marvelous art
I was enjoying her  naughty behavior
That brought me close to closer
Well in advance , I made right foresight
Finding me in loosing my might
I saw my ruin in her eye
Although I found my dream to fly
My soul started knocking her hearts gate
Predicting in advance my awful state
Life brightened with  close contact of her
Stolen my soul to put behind her hearts bar
As sunrays brighten face of flower
Infusing the vigour  in every hour
Like rain  refreshes the  every leaf
Promising to new freshness to keep
She came and spread a new glaze
Capturing me in her  golden cage
Her entry in my life added new wings
My soul  started flying in full swings
Mellowed touch of love gives me unbridled freedom
Setting for the search  for  new Kingdom
Vibrant songs are composed for the sweet melody
Created a new world for my dearest lady
Every thoughts of her refreshes my mood
What ever be the time , bad or good
Who knows the fears of peace ?
Conjuring happiness out of dish
Poor response worried me again and again
After storming my life trying to stop in vain 
Since she failed to decipher my thought of call
I just expected little compassion after all
Though I know that she loves me very much
But  I found some gap in it as such
Yet her thoughts always brings new charm
Her memories  keeps me happy and warm
Under her breast , I felt immense pleasure
Holding safely since its a greatest treasure
I know she least brothered  my sentiments
That hurts me every time and every moments
Because  I know all love is not love
Still it carries the message of dove
Inspite of that my love held its head high
Setting journey towards the blue sky
As success of flower does not lie on reigning in chain
But spreading the fragrance among others is main
Likewise success  of love  doesnt lie  on  marriage
Its just companion  , just a wonderful  carriage
But  success of love lies on union of two soul
Its painstaking journey  , yet a visible goal
Comming close to  her  Now I understand
Finding  of my dream  coming to sudden end
Who knows its a impish grin of nature ?
Who knows , where is my  destiny of future  ?
Daily lot of flowers blossomed here and there
But a few of them get its due share
Yet  eternal life of flower remained unfade
Like untiring songs of bird under shade
Bird of my love songs will not be there
Still my love songs will remain  for ever