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For the sake of coming close to me
You traveled across land and sea
Long way you have chosen
And long time you have  taken
Dont you think
In the time of eyes blink
All these are waste
In your dangerous quest ?
I wish to do something for you
Taking quite different view
Either you can be punished
Or you can be praised.
Just for loving me
You traveled across land and sea
You got lot of pain
In the time of terrible rain
You suffered lot  in snowfilled winter
Waiting for my encounter
Some time in fulmoon night
Some time in the day of burning bright
You wandered in the search of me
Crushing a plenty of new born tree
One day in dark strait of  barren desert
Next day in the winter blizzard
In whirlwind you lost yourself
I couldn't extend a little help
Yet you made forest your softness' wave
Your mind,  a  hidden cave
Breeze, your gentle movement
Storms, your inflicted pavement
You dared all to bear
Just to make me  your dear
Yet punishment you have to get
For the sake of your loving mate
You carried the burden of punishment
With your every step of movement
Still pleasant sight of your face, I can see
You did all just for coming close to me
Can you return me suffering of your  all ?
In response of my loving call
No.. really not .
Even in your desperate  effort
For this reason you cant be punished
You only can be praised , can be loved..