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How  do I describe you
That I dont know
Your beauty, your glamour,
Your dazzling show
In dulcet morning
Like rising sun
Your face glitters
When  having fun
Like movements of peacock
In  majestic style
You walk along
With charming smile
Your innocent face
Your tender mind,
Searching across the world
I can hardly find
Your unruly behavior,
Your naughty shy
Your springing rhythms
Is always in greatest  high
Like placid  showers
And like honey of flowers
That sweet is your voice
Works handy in needy hours
Like smooth sailing cloud
Delightful flying birds in sky
Pleasingly impress upon other
And take them in  fly
In the moments of joy
You are soft as  mild breeze
In the moments of sorrow
You are hard as water  did  freeze
Having known plenty of recipes
You act as a source
You are inspiration to all
And to myself of course
The endless pleasure
That is your greatest treasure
That the resource you have
Is without   measure
All the  beauty of nature
And peerless of joys of bloom
Fades in front of  you
Looks terrible gloom
It seems  to me
That  your world  will never end
If  I move , shake
Or Even I  try to bend
I cant  tell  future
I can only recall the past
I dont know
How long your impression  will  last
This is the presents
On your birthday
And Happy birthday
Whisper you at bay
With endless endeavor
This is only say to you
With my limited resource
This much I can do