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Azure Sky
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Azure Sky

In morning ,shining sun ray
You are seen through clouds of gray
You appear gorgeously again and again
And hide yourself in sudden
Above the helpless city's four walled cottage
To unveil the surrounding mirage
Where the unblooded pieces of stone's feat
Furnaces are ignited to heat
A large crowd ,their life's pavement, They lost
To yearn better They make end their life most
The administration's mystic net
Grasped the large crowd's fate
They have broken the rules of your
These mysterious creature , I am sure
When I think amidst the nose of crowd
Obsessed with dream , I get doubt
Reality will give rude reply
Fading the brightness of azure sky
Like silent dream loving peacock
By the dense and dark smoke
Dreams moves away from world's helm
Leaving our heart in endless flame
These tearful, endless pave
Torn out dressed beggar ,kindles pave

For millions of people's in this jail
Dirty , dusty and life less hell
Covers you azure sky
In the blinks of your eye
Our dreamy eye in cloudless night
See twinkling stars, a pleasant sight
With your sudden touch
A little, not much
Breaks the world's boundness
Bringing sweet and momentary happiness